Intellectual Village Phase 7

390-I10 Marla2090,00,000Lavel plot, 50 feet road, front open and sun face. More Info
38212 Marla201,15,00,000 Lavel plot, 50 feet road and near green valley, KFC and McDonald. More Info
40214 Marla41,45,00,000Map, possession and utility paid, 50 feet street and near masjid More Info
490600 square yard21,90,000,00Basement plot back side EYE view Park. More Info
58 600 square yard16 1,90,000,00Level Plot and oppo commercial area More Info
1932 Kanal1B5,50,000,00Extra Land. Back view open and Park face.
1052 Kanal17 5,00,000,00General Plot and Lavel, Near by Masjid
431625 Square yard1 2,30,000,00Front and back road, 2 gated option.
446600 Square yardCorniche road2,00,000,00Main Boulevard