Plots For Sale in Bahria Town Islamabad – Overview

Bahria town Islamabad also known as Bahria enclave is a relatively small project as compared to other projects of Bahria town however, it is no less popular among the investors and residents. Bahria town Islamabad is located near Chak Shahzad on Kuri road and it was launched in July of 2011. It has 3 accesses; one towards Kashmir Highway another one towards Islamabad Highway and the last one is going towards Lehtrar Road. Internik Property plots for sale in Bahria Town Islamabad.

For the residents of Islamabad and Overseas Pakistanis in particular, Bahria town Islamabad offered everything they ever wanted out of Islamabad. From the best living Standards in Pakistan to one of the best infrastructures of any housing scheme in Pakistan. Bahria town Islamabad hit it off with a bang and very cheap rates. During 2011, 1 Kanal plots of sale in bahria town Islamabad ranged between 20 to 25 lacs. And the prices were to be paid over the course of 4 years in instalments. Those very plots are now above Rs. 1,00,00,000 (10 million) and still, prices are rising.

Plots for sale on Installments in Bahria Town Islamabad

For overseas Pakistan’s who generally prefer to live abroad but retire to Pakistan, this is was exactly the type of housing scheme they were looking for. Even though it is located in Islamabad, it is less expensive and offers the kind of amenities that no other area of the Capital provides. 

One more thing that matters a lot when you are investing in any property in Pakistan or anywhere in the world for that matter is the reliability of the developers. Being a well-known and successful enterprise, Bahria town Islamabad was always going to be a success and there was never any doubt about it.

Infrastructure and Sectors of Bahria town Islamabad

Infrastructure is the backbone of every housing society and fortunately, Bahria town developers are well aware of this fact. From the placements of Parks to the elaborate creation of roads and maps, Bahria town infrastructure is by far the best in Pakistan mainly because its infrastructures are inspired by international standards which are yet to be seen anywhere else in Pakistan. 

Bahria town Islamabad has 2 phases. Phase 1 of Bahria town Islamabad covers an area of approximately 840 kanals with over 600 residential plots. Phase 2 of Bahria town Islamabad is approximately 1200 kanals with over 500 residential plots. Commercial plots for sale in Bahria town Islamabad are of 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal sizes.  

Bahria town Islamabad has 16 sectors and their subsectors each of which offers the same amount of comfortability. Another thing that attracts residents towards Bahria town is the amenities and facilities provided by Bahria town administration. In exchange for a small maintenance cost each month, residents of Bahria town Islamabad enjoy the countless facilities on just one call away such as the ability to call a plumber, electrician, water tank etc.  

Parks, hospitals and schools are located such that all sectors have easy access to it which can only be made possible with a good design infrastructure. Inspired through international designs, don’t be surprised to see tiny monuments and replicas of historic artifacts and places spread across Bahria town Islamabad. 

Plots in Phase 1 to 6 of Bahria Town Islamabad

Detail of all plots for sale in bahria town phase 1 to 6 in Islamabad.

110 Marla7392,00,000General Plot
11 kanal4541,75,000,00
210 Marla1129995,000,00
210 Marla686431,35,000,00Corner Plot
21 Kanal6341,95,000,00Level plot at height location.
21 Kanal14682,25,000,00oppo to corporate office and ACE academy.
310 Marla12705075,000,00Level plot.
31 Kanal18971,65,000,00Level plot
410 Marla992211,10,000,00General plot
41 Kanal27092,450,00,00
510 Marla1010211,15,000,00General plot and level.
51 Kanal497222,20,000,00General plot
610 Marla149161,18,000,00
61 Kanal77472,50,000,00corner

Plots Available in Phase 7 of Bahria Town Islamabad

All plots detail available for sale in bahria town phase 7.

Phase 786610 Marla4275,000,00Level plot, near GT road and Hospital next to main boulevard
Phase 7167910 MarlaB565,00,000 Level plot, near GT road and Hospital next to main boulevard and walat complex
Phase 733610 Marla1895,00,000On Height Location and cutting. Near By walayat complex.
Phase 7119210 Marla5785,00,000Near by Commercial market and park and height location
Phase 7901 Kanal71,25,000,00Near by GT road, Cutting area.
Phase 710261 Kanal471,30,000,00Height area and solid plot near to Boulevar
phase 71181 Kanal101,30,000,00General Plot, cutting area also near by main boulevard.
phase 7371 Kanal3 1,45,000,00Opposite to Walayat complex

Details of Plots in Bahria Heights Islamabad

Bahria Heights390-I10 Marla2090,00,000Lavel plot, 50 feet road, front open and sun face.
Bahria Heights38212 Marla201,15,00,000 Lavel plot, 50 feet road and near green valley, KFC and McDonald.
Bahria Heights40214 Marla41,45,00,000Map, possession and utility paid, 50 feet street and near masjid
Bahria Heights490600 square yard21,90,000,00Basement plot back side EYE view Park.
Bahria Heights58 600 square yard16 1,90,000,00Level Plot and oppo commercial area
Bahria Heights1932 Kanal1B5,50,000,00Extra Land. Back view open and Park face.
Bahria Heights1052 Kanal17 5,00,000,00General Plot and Lavel, Near by Masjid
Bahria Heights431625 Square yard1 2,30,000,00Front and back road, 2 gated option.
Bahria Heights446600 Square yardCorniche road2,00,000,00Main Boulevard

Sectors Overview, Market Situation and Investment Options

Sector A, B, E and F of Bahria town Islamabad

Sector A Is the most expensive of all the sectors because it is the first sector to be developed. Only Kanal and 10 marla plots are in the area with prices ranging between 95 to 120 lacs and 150 to 180 lacs respectively. 

Sector B Is also 100% developed with possession given to the relative plot owners. B Sector has 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla and Kanal plots that range between 50-55 lacs, 60-65 lacs, 70-75 lacs and 135 to 145 lacs respectively. 

In Sector E majority of the plots below the road level. Plots for sale in Bahria town Rawalpindi in the above-mentioned sectors are very expensive because most of the parts of the sectors have been completely developed with residents inhabiting the area. If you are looking to invest in Bahria town Islamabad than I would recommend you take a look at the sectors mentioned below.

Sector F are located on top of a hill. Among other plots for sale in Bahria town Islamabad, you can get 10 marla plots in this sector for a relatively cheaper rate. Since possession is yet not available in the area, plot prices are considerably lower.

There is a rumour floating around in the market that the possession will be given in the next 6 months making it an ideal investment opportunity. Furthermore, if you are thinking of buying a plot here than consider going for the Kanal plots in Sector F-1. Located on top of the hill, these plots are going to get you a better ROI (Return on Investment).

Even without possession 10 Marla plots cost around 65 lacs to 75 lacs while Kanal plots range between 125 lacs to 135 lacs. Prices after possession are only going to rise. 

Sector G, H, I of Bahria town Islamabad

Sector G is also good form an investment point of view. Partial possession has been provided with about 35 houses already built in the area. Commercial plots for sale in Bahria town Islamabad sector G offers a good premium at the moment since they are recently launched.

5 marla plot prices range between 35 to 40 lacs, 8 marla plot prices range between 60 to 65 lacs while 10 marla plot prices range between 75 to 85 lacs 

Sector H Features 5 marla residential plots only. Possession for at least 70% of the land has been provided to the respective landowner with many builders and private developers starting projects in the area. Prices of 5 marla plots in the area range between 35 to 55 lacs depending upon the location and category of the plot. 

Sector I have faced some litigation issues and the land in the area has filling issues. Even though 70% of possession has been given the rest of it is under litigation and does not appear to be cleared anytime soon.

5 marla, 8 marla and 10 marla plots are available in the area with prices ranging between 27-35 lacs, 50-55 lacs and 60-75 lacs respectively. 

Details of Sector J, K and L Of Bahria Town

Sector J is also great for investment. It is facing the commercial area known as the civic centre which is why the price of the plots here are high. Possession for 10 marla plots in the area has already been provided with 8 marla plot possessions next in line.

You can greatly benefit from buying plots for sale in Bahria town Rawalpindi sector J since they are going to rise in value as soon as possession is provided. When considering investing in Sector J, it is better to go for an 8 marla plot. The cost of 8 marla plots ranges between 38 to 43 lacs while the cost of 10 marla plots ranges between 75 to 80 lacs. 

Sector K contains only 1 kanal plots but possession status of the area is still unclear which is why trading of plots in the area is very slow. Cost of kanal plot in the area range between 150 lacs to 160 lacs. 

Sector L, M, N, O of Bahria town Islamabad

Sector L like sector K only has 1 kanal plots. It is located alongside the road which leads to the Chairman’s villa which is a project by Bahria town developers. This area of land is for high profile people. Even though development has not yet started in the area, plot prices are higher as compared to other sectors. 

Sector M is ideal for the investment point of view. Considering other plots for sale in Bahria town Islamabad, investing in Sector M offers a very good ROI in a very short time. Cost of 10 marla plots ranges between 55 to 60 lacs and 1 kanal plot prices range between 120 to 140 lacs. 

Sector N Cost of construction is significantly decreased if the land is solid. Sector N also leads to Sector M of Bahria town Islamabad. You are going to benefit greatly if you purchase plots for sale in Bahria town Islamabad sector N since they are cheaper due to non-possession. 

If you are considering purchasing plots for sale in bahria town Islamabad sector N than I would recommend you consider going for 8 marla plots since these plots are going to be the first to be delivered.

Sector O Is one of the newest sectors of Bahria town Enclave. This area used to be a village but the land has now been acquired by Bahria town developers. The land has been cleared and plotting and construction are on the way. Possession is not available but will be in the next 1 to 1.5 years. It cost around 35 to 36 lacs but offer a better ROI in the years to come.

Investment Options in Bahria Town Islamabad, Rawalpindi

So, in Bahria town Islamabad, there are all the different kinds of investment options from the high budget-short term investments to low budget-long term investment options. Also available Plots for sale in bahria town Rawalpindi.

If you were brave enough to read through this whole article than you can be sure that you have all the knowledge you need to make an investment in Bahria town Islamabad. It is a safe investment and you can be sure that the administration is going to deliver on its promises. Investing in a non-possession area might sound risky but not in Bahria town Islamabad. Bahria town Islamabad offers all types of investment programs from short term to long term investment making it ideal for people from all walks of life.