Garden City

110 Marla112375,000,00 More Info
112 Marla4883095,000,00 More Info
1700 Square yard173F61,90,000,00Back open and golf course More Info
1750 square yard18372,25,000.00Back open and opposite Golf course More Info
12Kanal228930,000,000Extra Land, 3 side open and Golf course More Info
4900 Square yard109102,75,000,00Back open, 2 Years installments Plan and 25% down Payment.
43 Kanal3234,80,000,00back view open, golf open
4900 Square yard5573,25,000,00Back Golf
55 Marla538838,000,00Level plot and oppo Giga Mall
55 Marla419340,000,00 Level plot and oppo Giga Mall